Thursday, February 26, 2015

B3- White Barn Candles from Bath and Body Works

I think Fridays will be my day to talk about B3 (Book, Beauty and Brands AKA things I like)

For the 1st Friday B3 post ... White Barn Candles from Bath and Body Works

I like things that make my home feel warm and inviting. Candles do just that. The problem is, like many people, I'm also prone to headaches from certain smells. I have found that nature smells and many guy-ish smells don't give me a headache. Yay!
I've recently been turned on to candles from Bath and Body Works. The smells carries over a large area, it's not too overwhelming and they have some non sugary sweet scents. I'm not a fan of candles that smell like baked goods.

Over Christmas we had a woodsy smelling candle called Balsam Pine or something like that. My family LOVED it! It has since all been burned up and so I went to get another one.  They are now in the "Spring Line" so they didn't have that scent anymore. Ugh! After much smelling, and prayer that I wouldn't get a headache, I decided on Wild Honeysuckle.

While I really love the honey smell it is a bit strong for me so I have to have it in another room. But it's very lovely.

Honeysuckles remind me of playing outside as a kid and sipping the end of the honeysuckle flower. I felt like a pioneer living off the land. Granted it would take a tremendous amount of honeysuckles to fill you up but hey....

There is just something about happy smells and seeing those dancing flames of a candle that is comforting.

So what makes your house feel warm?

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